The Way to Breast Cancer
Prevention and Good Health

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The Breast Belly Connection, Every Woman’s Guide to Great Breast Health gives women a great approach to their breast health and how they can be healthier and feel good in every way. It gives them life-changing information including the new and exciting research about the special connections between breast cancer prevention and their immune and digestive systems (‘gut health’), lifestyle and much more.

The book not only offers women great information. It also shows them how to create their own Breast Health Plan to help them reduce their risk of breast cancer AND improve their health in many wonderful ways.

The book offers even more! It describes what women can do to make their Breast Health Plan work for them and to overcome personal challenges that often get in their way of taking care of themselves and being healthy. It discusses how women can work with their health care provider so that they have the care they need and deserve.

The Breast Belly Connection, Every Woman’s Guide to Great Breast Health also gives women information about several common women’s health problems and other reproductive cancers. And finally, it includes resources women can use to help themselves as well as their families and communities.

“Read it, share the information with your friends and daughters, and not only will you change your life, but you will change the life of those around you.” ~ Christine Chandler DNP

About Barbara

Barbara Kass WHNP, MSN has been a specialist in women’s health for over 35 years. She has provided health care to thousands of women, taught health care providers, and directed national and international women’s health-related programs. The combination of her experiences in examining women with breast cancer, watching breast health become a neglected part of women’s health care, and having several friends and colleagues diagnosed with breast cancer, inspired Barbara to write The Breast Belly Connection, Every Woman’s Guide to Great Breast Health. Her ultimate goal? To help make Breast Health and Breast Cancer Prevention Education a very important part of health care for women of all ages.

Author: Barbara Kass

Readers Feedback

What Medical Reviewers are Saying


“The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for Barbara’s book. It is a special and unique balance of information combining the research about digestion to diet, genetics to environment and so many other topics…” More »


“Barbara has provided us with a gem of a book … one that succeeds in educating and empowering women of all ages to take charge of our breast health and overall well-being. Extremely well-referenced, the latest…  More »


“I’ve been waiting for a book to come along that my patients can use to help them sort out the correct from the incorrect information… I finally have a book I can recommend… More »

“I’ve been waiting for a book to come along that my patients can use to help them sort out the correct from the incorrect information…  I’m relieved that I finally have such a book I can recommend.” ~  Sharon Pushkin, MD, FACOG

Fundraising Opportunities

Companies and local stores to community clinics and school programs raise funds each year to help support research, women during their cancer treatment, educating youth about breast cancer prevention, and many other breast cancer-related causes.

The need for financial support is on-going and is the reason that the list of approaches to fundraising continues to grow from selling products with pink ribbons to sponsoring walks and auctions. It is exciting to know that  The Breast Belly Connection, Every Woman’s Guide to Great Breast Health can now be added to the list!

When you think about it, using a book about breast cancer prevention to raise money for breast cancer-related activities is a perfect match. It means that people are giving the gift of a donation and at the same time, are also giving themselves or loved ones the gift of being able to learn about breast cancer prevention.

Using the Book for Fundraising

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