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Chapter 1: Preventive Health and Breasts

Chapter 2: Breasts, Attitudes and Health Care

Chapter 3: Breast Basics, Breast Changes

Chapter 4: Changes Can Happen

Chapter 5: Approaches to Screening and Diagnosis

Chapter 6: Defining Risk Factors

Chapter 7: Genetics and Breast Health

Chapter 8: Digestion and the Breast Health Connection

Chapter 9: Estrogen and Breast Health

Chapter 10: Lifestyle and Breast Health

Chapter 11: Environment and Breast Health

Chapter 12: Other Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

Chapter 13: More Than Breast Health

Chapter 14: Motivation and Making Changes

Chapter 15: Creating a Breast Health Plan

Chapter 16: Family, Friends and More

Appendix A: Sample Risk Factor List

Appendix B: Resources

Appendix C: Bibliography

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