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For Health Care Professionals – The Perfect Resource

Why is The Breast Belly Connection, Every Woman’s Guide to Great Breast Health the perfect resource for your patients? Here are a few reasons to consider.

Changing Landscape of Health Care    Thanks to advances in genetic research, we now have a greater understanding about the fascinating connections between many illnesses and diseases and the digestive, immune, nervous, and endocrine systems. This has created an environment in which ‘gut health’ and the ‘gut-brain’ are major topics of conversation in the media and throughout the medical community. Advertising of probiotic-supplemented foods and supplements has even become the norm.

The understanding of the dynamic relationship between ‘gut health’ and health in general has begun to change the practice of medicine and has the potential to improve people’s health in many intriguing ways. It is also changing our understanding about risk factors for breast cancer and prevention and is one of the major reasons  The Breast Belly Connection, Every Woman’s Guide to Great Breast Health was written and could not have come at a better time.

Response to What Women Want     The book was also written as a response to surveys which show that many women, whether they are 20 or 60, want to learn about breast cancer prevention but often don’t ask their health care provider for it. However, you can appreciate that even if they did, the time commitment would be enormous and something many health care providers would not be able to offer. Time constraints makes  The Breast Belly Connection  an excellent ‘spokesperson’ for providers and gives women extremely important, timely and potentially lifesaving information.

Response to What Women Need    Excess abdominal fat, unhealthy eating, a sedentary lifestyle, and other factors are major health issues for many younger and older women. If you are a provider, you are all too familiar with the fact that regardless of the information and support you give your patients, you may find that many do not adopt healthier lifestyles even when faced with a serious health problem. What can you do? Consider offering women a different motivation – the motivation of protecting their breasts.

Helping women become healthier ‘through their breasts’ is a common sense approach. They are making healthy choices for their breast health and as they integrate the information into their lives, they are also reducing their risk for developing any number of health problems. It is an extremely potent ‘win-win’ situation.

Understanding Risk Factors and a Breast Health Plan.   The Breast Belly Connection  is a special and unique balance of information. Complex medical research has been translated into an easily understandable and enjoyable read. Women are guided through a wealth of information from normal and abnormal breast changes and anatomy to health behavior changes. They learn about the ways in which breast health and breast cancer prevention is intimately connected with the health of the digestive and immune systems and with lifestyle, environment, genetics and other factors. The book enables women to identify their potential risk factors for breast cancer, develop their own personal Breast Health Plan, and feel good about working with their provider towards better health.

Developing a health plan is one step, but being able to follow it is another. Given the challenges people often experience as they are making healthy changes, the book offers tools women can use and provides specific suggestions for making such changes. It also offers guidance and support to help women successfully put their Breast Health Plan into action.

The Book Offers More, The Breast Belly Connection   discusses issues that are related to a woman’s comfort level and her ability to take care of herself. It offers information about several common women’s health problems and other reproductive cancers. It gives women the information they need about breast cancer screening, the pelvic examination, and revised pelvic examination guidelines. And finally, it provides women with a wealth of resources they can use for themselves and for their family and community.

Breast Cancer and the Future    Why is it impossible to predict the ‘face’ of breast cancer going forward?

Acquired genetic mutations are a major cause of breast cancer and can occur at any time from infancy through adulthood. Many causes of these mutations have yet to be identified; however, the known ones related to lifestyle and environment are substantial. Unhealthy diets among girls and young women, the rise in sedentary lifestyles, and environmental toxins are a troubling mix. Also troubling is the number of preteens and teens who smoke, drink, and are exposed to the toxicity and hormonal effects of excess abdominal fat.

These facts and others such as the increasing numbers of young women who are delaying childbirth make it reasonable to consider that age should not be a factor in deciding who should and should not be given breast cancer prevention information. Instead, in the spirit of preventive health, women of all ages (including adolescents) should be able to learn about ways in which they can help reduce their risk of breast cancer throughout their life. Give them this opportunity through  The Breast Belly Connection, Every Woman’s Guide to Great Breast Health – an innovative and preventive health guide for women of all ages

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