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Women Need the Connections!

Saving women from needless suffering and death, and the connections between breast health and the health of the digestive and immune systems, is at the heart of   The Breast Belly Connection, Every Woman’s Guide to Great Breast Health.

San Rafael, CA, August 1, 2018. Barbara Kass WHNP, MSN has written a groundbreaking resource that takes breast cancer prevention to the next level – one that is based on the intimate connections between ‘gut health’ and lifestyle, environment, and genetics.

Women can finally have the facts about these intimate connections to help reduce their risk of breast cancer. Equally important is that women can have the tools they need to help them create their own personal Breast Health Plan, make the health changes they desire, and improve their health in immeasurable ways.

  offers women even more. It includes current and critical facts about sexuality, body image and other influences that can impact how women take care of themselves. Updated information about reproductive cancers, the pelvic examination, and the most common women’s health problems are an important part of the book as well.

What are Women Feeling Today? Surveys show that many women experience confusion and fear about their breast health, feelings that have been fueled by the ongoing debate about breast cancer screening and prevention. They show that increasing numbers of women who need breast cancer screening are not getting it and that women want to learn about breast cancer prevention. Sadly, they also show that the majority of women do not talk with their health care providers about it, and to make matters worse, many providers are not routinely offering the information to women of all ages.

It’s Wrong!  When women do not have breast cancer screening and their concerns are ignored, their care and even their lives are compromised.  The Breast Belly Connection   was written to help solve this crisis in women’s healthcare by creating a paradigm shift in breast health that will lead to all women being given the quality of information they want, need, and deserve.

“Barbara Kass has provided us with a gem of a book. It is extremely well-referenced and the latest scientific knowledge is explained in the most balanced and easy to read manner. It motivates us, alleviates anxiety, and offers hope that we all have the ability to impact our breast health. As a practicing gynecologist I learned a great deal from this timely and essential resource. I recommend it highly and without reservation to my patients, family, friends, and colleagues.”  Anne Foster, MD, OBGYN

About Barbara Kass WHNP, MSN and Sharon Pushkin, MD, OBGYN

Barbara has been a provider and instructor in women’s health care, evaluator of health care providers, and a director of national and international women’s health-related training programs.  She is also a well-known lecturer and advocate for blending preventive and integrative medicine into women’s health care, which ultimately led to her writing numerous educational materials and books including Say Goodbye to PMS, Natural Birth Control Made Simple, The Fertility Awareness Handbook and the medical textbook for health care professionals, Management of the Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal Woman: A Total Wellness Program.

Sharon is an obstetrician and gynecologist who has been involved in the training of health care professionals and patient care for over 30 years. She has generously lent her expertise and knowledge as medical consultant and key medical reviewer for the book.

Additional Information

 The Breast Belly Connection, Every Woman’s Guide to Great Breast Health  is currently available through Amazon and ISBN 978-0-69283635-4.

Retail price: $19.98.

The book is available as a fundraising opportunity for health organizations, companies, and others. For more information, please contact Health Choice Productions at or at (310) 621-0258.