What Medical Reviewers are Saying

“Barbara Kass has provided us with a gem of a book….one that succeeds in educating and empowering women of all ages to take charge of our breast health and overall well-being. The Breast Belly Connection, Every Woman’s Guide to Great Breast Health is extremely well-referenced and the latest scientific knowledge is explained in the most balanced and easy to read manner. The book is also unique in its person-centered, positive and validating approach. It motivates us, alleviates anxiety and offers hope that we all have the ability to impact our breast health through education, prevention and better lifestyle choices. As a practicing gynecologist I learned a great deal from this very timely and essential resource. I recommend it highly and without reservation to my patients, family, friends, and colleagues.”

Anne F. Foster. MD,FACOG

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for Barbara’s book. It is a special and unique balance of information combining the research about digestion to diet, genetics to environment and so many other topics in ways that help us understand how together, they play an enormous role in breast cancer prevention. As a clinical instructor and women’s health advocate who for years has taught and examined women, I am grateful that women will be offered the quality of information that makes The Breast Belly Connection, Every Woman’s Guide to Great Breast Health  a must read. It has a refreshing and appealing approach to helping women. The added plus is that it not only is about breast health but shows how the information can help women prevent other women’s health problems. Read it, share the information with your friends and daughters, and not only will you change your life, but you will change the life of those around you.”

Christine Chandler, DNP

“It is extremely important for women to learn how to protect themselves and their health and this book is a great way to start. As a gynecologist working in the age of the Internet and sensational mass media it is hard to guide my patients toward the right answers for good preventative healthcare. I try to spend time during annual visits teaching them about healthy behaviors and what guidelines are best for them. However, it’s extremely frustrating to have to spend time discussing the common misconceptions and false information out there that can be confusing and sometimes even dangerous. Unfortunately, anyone can post anything without much hard scientific evidence.

I’ve been waiting for a book to come along that my patients can use to help them sort out the correct from the incorrect information and be able to learn about breast health. I’m relieved that I finally have such a book I can recommend.The basic facts about normal breasts, breast changes and ways women can reduce their risk of breast cancer is discussed in a unique and very understandable approach. I particularly like the fact that how other areas of a woman’s health interact with a woman’s breast and risks of cancer is a significant part of  The Breast Belly Connection, Every Woman’s Guide to Great Breast Health.

I was relieved to find that the controversy surrounding breast cancer screening was tackled carefully and will help women understand their choices. I found it great that the book emphasizes the need for women to make a list of their potential risks and questions to bring to their provider and guides women to making a breast health plan. I believe this will be extremely helpful both for women and their providers.”

Sharon Pushkin,MD,FACOG